Solar is the future!

Solar panels and Home Battery Backup Systems will help save you money on your electric bill.

How is Integrated Energy Solutions different?

We Simplify Residential Solar Power


When you choose Integrated Energy Solutions for your solar power system, the choice is an easy one. We’re committed to working with homeowners who want more control over how they use energy in their homes – all while being good environmental stewards of this planet! Our maximum efficiency panels ensure that we can provide affordable plans which fit any budget without sacrificing high-quality service or great workmanship.

Our innovative system design, battery storage, and energy monitoring make us an undoubtedly sound investment for your future.

We know that the cost and availability of solar power has never been better. Act today- there are many benefits waiting for you!



I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “going green” before. But what does it really mean? Going solar can help cut down your energy costs by as much as 50%. And with all of these new options available to shoppers today there’s no reason why any household shouldn’t take advantage!

We’re here to help our customers find a way of financing their solar panels! We have several options that will work for everyone.

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

A power purchase agreement is a great way for customers to finance their solar installation with no upfront costs, and pricing that remains stable throughout the duration of service.
The PPA option will generally cost less than other financing options because it does not include any interest charges or capital expenses like monitoring systems which may be included in loan plans from traditional banks (though there are some exceptions). This also makes PPAs more affordable if you’re looking at going big into green energy!

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Solar Loans

Solar loans have never been more accessible with Integrated Energy Solutions. We offer $0 down payment options that allow our customers to take advantage of the federal tax credit, as well as financing and installation packages which can be tailored specifically for you!

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Integrated Energy Solutions is now serving residents in the areas of Central Florida, stretching across from Tampa to Cocoa Beach. We also have installation offices in Georgia, Tennessee, (and more coming soon). After assessing your property and finding qualified solar installers we will provide you with an excellent service at competitive prices – contact us today!